We work with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to provide rapid, industry leading support on Bunch-branded appliances and the software that runs on them.

In the event you experience a problem or failure, you may submit details of the issue through any of the following support lines:

How Hardware Component Failures are Handled

All Bunch appliances ship with an asset identifier linking to an internal record of serial numbers, manufacturer support contracts, and service records of the associated components. In the event you open support request following a hardware component failure, we:

  1. Confirm the request. Your company’s designated contacts are notified that a support ticket has been opened.

  2. Gather information. We request the asset identifier in addition to other details, as described in the section "How do I initiate a Benefit support request?".

  3. Open a support request with the original equipment manufacturer. We include customer points of contact, component serial numbers, manufacturer support contract information, and relevant data associated with the asset.

  4. Provide information about original equipment manufacturer support resources. These include links to service scheduling tools, support threads, and local phone numbers.

  5. Advise on steps to reduce the impact of the failure. It may be advantageous to initiate emergency backup procedures, or shift workloads to related appliance.

  6. Closely monitor the repair or replacement of the affected components. We stay up-to-date on the status of manufacture repairs to assist in coordination of work and prepare subsequent resolution steps.

  7. Provide steps to bring the new or repaired appliance to full functionality. After manufacturer repairs or replacements are completed, we provide the steps required to bring the device back to its original capacity.

How Software Failures are Handled

If a problem is determined to be unrelated to hardware components following the initial information gathering stage, the response procedure is essentially identical that of a software product support request as described in the section "What happens if I have a software failure?".

Hardware Support Flow Chart Diagram