The following best practices will assist us in providing the highest quality response in the least amount of time:

  • Submit problems through the Benefit web portal. We recommend that customers initiate requests on the Benefit web portal - - as it is usually the easiest way to provide details, attach files, and include diagnostic information.

  • Keep issues separate. Filing individual issues helps us provide concise responses, reach the appropriate stakeholders, and track progress towards resolution.

  • Select the appropriate level severity. We will answer requests of any severity within the shortest time frame possible. To help us tailor our response to your immediate business needs and avoid unnecessary use of your company’s resources, please review the guidelines in the "How do I determine my level of business impact?" section when reporting an issue. If the situation changes, please do not hesitate to reach us to update the severity status.

  • Stay engaged with the ticket. Your timely and ongoing feedback about the technical and business situation helps us further calibrate our response. If an issue recurs, tickets can be reopened or referenced.