We have defined a process of data gathering to reduce the impact on your business.

Any information you can provide will expedite the resolution of the issue. Please be specific as possible and provide any information that you think might assist our support and resolution teams understand the problem.

Reach Immediate Phone Assistance

We recommend that customers initiate requests at the Benefit web portal - http://support.bunchenterprise.com - as it is usually the easiest way to provide details, attach files, and include diagnostic information. However, we recognize that not all support situations are the same.

If you need immediate assistance in gathering information and/or opening a support ticket, please call us at:

+1 (855) 855-7756

Our representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and will be happy to assist in resolving your issue.

Gather Basic Information

To open a support ticket and route your request to the appropriate team, answers to the following questions are required:

  • What is your company name?

  • What is your full name, or the full name of the person we should contact regarding this issue?

  • What phone numbers and email addresses should we use to follow up?

  • Your preferred method of contact?

  • What Bunch, Inc product are you using?

  • What is the severity level of the issue? (See section on determining level of business impact for more information.)

  • If dealing with a hardware problem, what is the asset identifier printed on the device?

  • What is the issue, problem, or failure you are experiencing?

Define the Issue

To help our support team identify and isolate problems and failures as quickly as possible, answers to the following questions are helpful:

  • What version of the Bunch, Inc product are you using?

  • On what operating system(s) are you experiencing the issue?

  • On what browsers(s) are you experiencing the issue?

  • Is the issue isolated or ongoing?

  • Have you seen or reported this issue or related issues before?

Provide Diagnostic Information

Technical diagnostic information provides a clear perspective on the underlying systems and environment that might be part of an issue. Please provide as many of the following as possible, as relevant:

  • Error codes or messages that were produced

  • Screenshots or video screen captures of the issue

  • Log files of affected systems

  • Browser debugging information:

    • Javascript console output

    • HTTP Archive Format (HAR) files

Share Observations and Steps to Reproduce

Your observations of issues and the environment they occur in are key to a successful and timely response. Answers to the following questions, when possible, can be crucial:

  • What steps led to the issue, problem, or failure?

  • Can the issue be reproduced? If so, what steps are required?

  • Were any changes recently made to the environment, for example operating system upgrades, software upgrades, hardware changes, or responses to other outages?

  • Did you observe any unusual or unexpected behavior prior to this issue, for example slowed response times or error messages?

Include Business Details

While not required, feel free to include details of business situations, for example deadlines or milestones, related to the issue that might impact your work. These might include answers to questions like:

  • Are there deadlines or milestones that have been or might be affected by this issue?

  • During what hours should we attempt to reach you and other stakeholders with resolution information or follow-up questions?

  • Are there other, related problems that may or may not have been reported to Bunch, Inc. that the response team should take into account?